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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  April 19, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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changing tonight as the 49ers officially break ground on the $1.2 billion project. >> it is so exciting for me to see this today, so much work has gone into the project that is just an incredible moment, it is our real >> that some preliminary land grading is already under way and with heavy machine removing dirt. the vice mayor says this is only the beginning and despite opposition she expects it to be a big success in the long run. >> when we break ground today we will start to see the structure developed and that the more it develops and the closer we get to 2014 i think the excitement will build and build >> the new stadium will be able to seat 69,000 people and will not only be used by the 49ers but also host concerts' and other major events. the ceo says is also possible
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the raiders could someday use the stadium >> there was a vote that we won 60-40 in 2010 that allows for two teams to be in a building and i can't speak for another team but that option exists and that was voted on by the voters of santa clara. >> is good news for local hotel operators and retailers who are counting on the economic boost >> we're thrilled to be able to host the niners and we are looking forward to a potential super bowl and all the other ancillary businesses that will join on to the great events. >> back at the ground-breaking to just received the program, the official events began at 6:00. among the speakers are head coach jim harbaugh and the ceo jed york. >> you can see more images of the stadium plans on
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a bart station agent is in trouble for trying to help someone in need when he gave away hundreds of dollars of leftover bart tickets to a teenager so he could get to school. linda found out the man is facing criminal charges. >> the agent works at the lee city, he is not on the job today but we caught up with him at home as east briefly spoke to us while fighting back tears. he is a bart station agent trying to do the right thing, help a kid who could not afford to ride to school. he is a teenager who takes the $11 bart ride from pittsburgh to san francisco where he attends the flex academy charter school. the agent gave them about $300 worth of paid but unused tickets commuters leave behind and now he could lose his job for helping a family friend. you did a great thing for somebody.
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>> i know. >> agents, the rules are very clear that those tickets are like cash and the integrity of the system depends upon them handling the cash and the tickets properly. those tickets are either turned over to lost and found where they go to the treasury department >> not to somebody might be in need >> there are very clear guidelines about how they are to be handled >> he faces a disciplinary hearing tomorrow for not following the rules >> termination and criminal proceedings >> i stole bart property >> the teenager's grandfather says he has known him for 35 years and he is upset and said that he is a wonderful person, an honest person who was trying to help out. i had no idea this would affect his career. >> the situation that this child
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has been put in, he has not had many breaks in his life and finally he gets one break and to have this happen to good samaritan hurts my feelings. this is a student needs more breaks. >> commuters who do want to donate and use portions of their tickets to people bart has a program called tiny tickets but those are donated to charitable organizations. >> birds forced the emergency landing of a delta air lines jet bound for l.a.. crews are looking for potential damage to one of the engines. the pilot declared an emergency 10 minutes after taking off from jfk airport and it turned around. the airplane landed safely. another airline close call we're just learning about, the pilot of an airbus was too busy
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reading text messages and forgot to put the landing gear down. he aborted the landing at the last minute. this happened on a flight from australia to singapore back in 2010. the ear plan will eventually landed safely. the arrest warrants are out for the two former leaders of the san jose charitable organization on embezzlement charges. the d.a. says olivia mendoza and benjamin can stole more than $1 million from the retirement funds from as many as 100 employees from the mexican american community services agency. they say the suspects use the money to pay for operating costs of the now closed charter school in gilroy. san francisco share of will not be paid while being suspended. in a preliminary ruling the judge also says that the ethics case against ross mirkarimi can proceed.
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mercury is fighting for his job after pleading guilty to an incident involving his wife. san francisco police say this woman bit another woman over a parking spot. she was a restless last night. to a couple started fighting over the spot when sarah got out of her car and beat the other woman several times in the chest and arms. the injuries were not serious. cbs news has learned the names of two agents already forced out by the secret service in the wake of the sex scandal in colombia. that news came after sources revealed one of the ousted and plans on filing a lawsuit. grace lee has more on the developments including the woman at the center of a firestorm >> cbs news has learned the names of two supervisors. we're also learning a lot more about the alleged hooker who
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caused the scandal to unravel. it is our first glimpse of a woman who is reportedly at part of the secret service scandal. the new york daily news claims this 24 year-old colombian raised a ruckus when a secret service agent offered her $30 for an $800 service. in new york times reporter says he interviewed one of the alleged prostitutes. >> the next morning for this woman asked for payment and the guy became angry and said he was drunk and you can't expect me to pay that and she insisted anti called her names and got angry and threw her out of the room >> so far three agents have been forced out but supposedly as many as eight others were involved in this prostitution scandal >> my understanding is that there will be more resignations coming. the white house insists that the president was never in danger >> with regard to this incident
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in colombia, the president's security was never compromised. >> former fbi agent rick smith believes otherwise and says that a hostile group could have blackmailed them >> give us information about the motorcade were we will show this photograph your secret service or of your wife, that is being compromised >> expect polygraph tests and a closer look at trips and likely more agents leaving the secret service >> is this routine or a one time incident >> with 11 people involved and with the military involved is probably not in one time incident >> is not only secret service agents, they're also 10 military personnel including five army green berets who are being asked a lot of questions as well. >> a car smashes into a medical building in l.a. hurting six
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people. police say it happened when a driver swerved to avoid hitting another car. the station wagon hit a woman before crashing into the buildings entryway. three people were taken to hospital but their injuries are not considered life-threatening. the wave of bay area companies making a ipos is actually helping the rest of us. the big impact is making from small-business owners to housekeepers. they're arguing about dogs, how the race for president has taken a 4 legged turn. he that is,,,,,,,,
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>> the markets reacted today to
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another disappointing jobs report. the new figures suggest that hiring and slowing claims for unemployment benefits dropped by only 2000 last week. forecasters had expected a drop of about 18,000. that news did not dampen the optimism at the annual job fair. 1500 students at uc berkeley tried to impress interviewers. officials say about two-thirds of cal graduates immediately enter the workforce but with positive economic signs over the last few months, that number could jump by more than 10% this year. another bay area company has gone public. san francisco based data analysis company opened at $17 per share today and more than doubled by the close. it is just the latest in a string of ipos in the bay area and the ripple effect has benefited more than just the
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people who work for those companies. >> that is a funny question to ask >> no >> the bay area is the initial public offering capital of the nation these days and hundreds of people have become millionaires but you don't need to be a hotshot to perceive the fax. >> we do see the tech jobs generating but also >> to san francisco area unemployment is down to one of the lowest in the state, even lower than the national average. is it because of hundreds of millionaires? sort of >> we have seen a lot of growth here, especially within corporate programs. >> at his crunch fitness he has hired several trainers and the chain has opened three new
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locations in the silicon valley drawing people to have money to spend it like web designer cookie >> sporting equipment, recreation >> she eats out at places that all the sudden are hard to get into and drives in crazy traffic. ipos have certainly added a lot of jobs to the area. they're not always good but they are jobs >> often there is a pay differentials >> remember those good numbers, many of them are minimum-wage jobs. >> how campaign 2012 is turning into a literal dogfight between president obama and mitt romney. it is listed in every san francisco travel book, mobile 5 is live outside the legendary restaurant shutting its doors for good >> live from h-p and pavilion
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where things will be heating up inside for the sharks play off action. ,,,,,,,,
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[ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move. >> it landmark restaurant in san
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francisco's chinatown is shutting down after 106 years. >> word is getting around chinatown that sun walk will be closing and some people are coming in for their last photographs, their last meal. it is a historic landmark. the family has owned the establishment for the last half century and has said it has been having trouble with the health department which has ordered the restaurant to close. the daughter of the owner says inspectors have told them the kitchen is not up to code siting issues from fire hazard to unsafe food storage temperature. the family says it does not have the money to renovate so the restaurant that has been in a spike lee movie and welcome celebrities like the chinese president and david letterman will shut its doors tomorrow night. the family says it will not be
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the same. it was well known in decades past four of the world's shrewdest waiter. the restaurant is also known for the dumb waiter that chance for its food. it will close tomorrow night leaving about a half-dozen employees without jobs. >> mitt romney supporters are taking jabs at president obama for an old " that drudged drop from his memoir about eating dog meat >> i was introduced to dog meat, cuff, snake meat, tougher, and roasted grasshopper, crunchy >> he was talking about his diet as a young boy in indonesia and now romney supporters have taken to twitter for obama dog recipes. things like golden fried
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retriever and a chicken google soup. >> they're making reference to something you said when he was six or seven years old and making a big deal out of it sounds like someone who's trying to get out of the doghouse >> that, and comes as supporters have been blasting romney for his own dog incident years ago from returning from a family location, he put a sick dog in the doghouse on the roof of his car. a contra costa county town is getting ready to pass one of the toughest anti tobacco ordinances in the bay area. the dublin city council is considering a plan that could ban new tobacco retailers from opening near schools parks and day care. and revoke or suspend licenses of stores that sell tobacco to minors.
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caltrans spent today targeting litter instead of world war. every year it is assigned one day to pick up litter all over the state as part of the key california beautiful campaign. caltrans wants everyone to think about what they're doing before dropping trashed because millions of dollars could be used for transportation projects. roberta is live at the shark tank where it should be just as hot inside as outside. >> doesn't this look familiar? the pavilion fondly referred to the shark tank to all those wonderful people will be coming out to cheer the sharks on, it is game 4 and a stanley cup playoff action as the sharks play host to the blues. is a must win situation so things will certainly be heating
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up inside. let's stay look at some of the current conditions as we take a bird's-eye view of the ocean beach. air temperatures from the '60s through the '70s still sitting at 80 degrees in santa rosa. tonight it will be mainly clear, relatively mild overnight lows and then tomorrow for friday, unseasonably warm temperatures which will lead us into saturday where we are anticipating near record warm temperatures. let's go right to the temperature's beginning with the santa clara valley. san jose is 71 this time of year but instead, we are forecasting 88 degrees. let's go ahead and jogged over to the eastern portion of the bay area where we will see '70s the closer you get to the water but midi and high 80s towards brentwood danville and alamo.
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in the north bay high temperatures will bank anywhere. the win will be flat, but the air quality will be relatively decent except right here towards the santa clara valley. the extended forecast calls for the warmest day of the warming trend on saturday and then it will be cooler on sunday but still unseasonably mild. back to the '50s and '60s on tuesday through thursday with partly cloudy skies. if you're heading out here tonight, this is what every person in attendance receives. randy, i have been telling everyone what to expect outdoors tonight, what can we expect indoors >> a good playoff game. this is pretty important, they go back to st. louis and then
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things even up. >> any big changes we can expect? >> i'm not at liberty to reveal them at this time because i don't want to give the opposition in the tense but the coaches thinking about quitting his lineups. >> when it warms up outside, does the play off year get a little itchy? >> it used to come in a lot parker >> is a family affair there at the shark tank. she was born in a car and that is only the beginning of the story. up next, the people who helped bring baby taylor into the world >> we,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a rousing welcome for the space shuttle discovery as it arrived in virginia. the shuttle will go on display at the air and space museum annex. among the guests was former astronaut john glenn. discovery will be displayed as if it had just landed. boats and helicopters spent another day scourings of southern california waters for a 40 ft. gray whale. the whale became tangled in a fishing line while migrating the wrong way. on tuesday rescuers were able to remove about 100 ft. of line from the animal more line remain tangled around his head. rescuers have been unable to locate it again. a colorado woman never forget her granddaughter's birth because she helped to deliver. she was in the car with her mother when she began having contractions.
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after five contractions the baby slip out. the grandmother, her but the accord was wrapped around the baby's neck. fortunately the grandmother is a nurse assistant so she knew exactly what to do >> we have laughed about it and cried about it, i still just shake my head and think i can't believe i had a baby in my mother's car >> paramedics arrived soon after. everyone is doing well. >> it has been called one of the most serious terrorist attempts since 911. we will show you the most serious terrorist attempts since 911. we will show you the interr,,,,,,,,,,
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>> here is what we're working on for the 6:00 news. from san francisco mayor to the california lieutenant governor and now a talk-show host? the questions being raised about gavin newsom new gig on cable- tv. we will take a look inside what nasa calls a spaceship right here honor. that and more tonight at 6:00 >> thank you for watching the cbs evening news is next. the latest news and weather are always on


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